Church Planters

Julio & Olienne Assaingilles

Pastor of Living Baptist Church of Potrie, Posonde, Haiti

Brother Julio was reached through the Living Baptist Church of St. Marc ministries when bus Captain Emile Diegot invited him to church.  Upon arrival, Pastor Biz preached and the Holy Spirit convicted Julio of his need for Christ as his Savior.  Too timid to walk down the aisle, after the service he asked Assistant Pastor Cadet to show him how to be saved.  He became a faithful member, eventually becoming a bus captain himself and  being trained under Pastor Biz.  He served on the staff of the Living Baptist Church of Saint Marc for four years and has now answered God’s call to plant an Independent Fundamental Baptist church.

He is in the first stage of this new church plant.  He has been faithfully soul winning in the new area and assembling a group of believers.  He counts it a privilege to be able to go out under the authority of his local church to preach the Gospel and plant a church for the Lord.

Cabien Bornelus and Wife

Eglis Baptist Vivant de Peris (Living Baptist Church), Saint Marc, Haiti

Pastor and Mrs. Cebien

My Testimony

I got saved because my mother took me to a Christian school where the director of the school was a Baptist conservative preacher.  The name of the church was Conservative Baptist Church of Mawouj.
Every morning before the beginning of the school day, the director of the school would have devotion with us the students, and would give us a Bible verse to memorize.  One of the verses he gave us to memorize was 2 Timothy 4:15.  As I thought and meditated on this verse, I came to a clear understanding that I needed a Saviour; thus I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my Saviour.
The reason I came to Eglise Baptist Vivant is because someone who was out soul winning invited me to church.  I came and in process of time decided to join the church and I became a member.

I came to have a burden to join the ministry because of the scriptural passage which says the harvest is plenteous, but the laborers are few. Truly as I looked at the multitude of people who need the gospel, I became burdened to give my life to be a laborer to this harvest.

Pastor Johnremy and Family

Eglis Baptist Vivant de Gonaive, Haiti

Pastor and Mrs. Cebien