Grow and Serve Mentorship Program

2020 Readathon Christmas Project Now in Progress

Our 6th Annual Readathon is currently in progress.  This year we are adding a hospital ministry.  The goal is
to raise $10,000 to provide clothes and a meal for 200 needy Haitian children and assistance to those hospitalized and in need.  Your sponsorship is greatly needed and appreciated.  Any amount will help.

Investing in the youth of today for the building of God’s Kingdom and the praise of Jesus Christ

OBJECTIVE:  Character training through  

  • Manual labor
  • Soccer
  • Community service
  • Baking
  • Cooking
  • Crafting
  • Bible instruction

RESULT: Earning money through sponsorships for camp and back to school supplies

Readathon Fundraiser:


  1. Reading books that encourage character growth while serving to meet the needs of others.
  2. Casting a vision for service to Christ and community through concentrated reading of autobiographies and biographies of servants of God and

RESULTS: Providing funds for clothes, shoes, and food for children through sponsorships

Other Objectives of Grow and Serve:

  1. Assistance with higher education
  2. Job training and preparedness
  3. Music instruction
  4. ESL training