Haitian Relief Project

Establishing families through Bible teaching, employment opportunities, home ownership, financial loans & counseling, and legal status in the country for the support of the local church by its own members.

In 2010 a devastating earthquake shook Haiti to its core killing tens of thousands of people, and leaving many homeless, destitute, and orphaned. The Living Baptist Church rose to the challenge to help people who had fled to Saint Marc for help and housing. Through the support and care of Christians in the United States over 100 families were fed and helped for over a year during that trying time. When that crisis passed, The Haitian Relief Project stayed busy helping establishing families in their communities for the support of their local church.

Today the Haitian Relief Project helps Haitian people with legal documents so they are able to get jobs and attend school.  We also provide loans so families can start businesses.  The Haitian Relief Project has also helped families get established in their communities through home ownership.

The immigration lawyer came to our church to help our people with legal matters and documentation.

Our mango orchard and gardens provide work and food for the Haitian people.

Church members receiving their legal documents

Church member in St. Marc opened a food stand