Living Baptist Church

The purpose of our ministry here is to preach the gospel to the lost, baptize those who believe, teach them all things, preparing them for their appointed day of death

Obeying the great commission to go, to win, to disciple all nations

  1. Soul winning
  2. Church planting
  3. Seminary Training
  4. Support and involvement in World Wide Missions
  5. Tract Distribution
  6. Discipling believers

Living Baptist Church

Bani, Dominican Republic

In 2009, through extenuating circumstances God moved Missionary Biz Lerisse and his family from Haiti to the Dominican Republic on the opposite side of the island.  While fighting to work out legal problems in Haiti, Brother Biz got busy soul winning where he was.  He found a place to hold Bible studies, rented, cleaned it up and began weekly Bible studies for those who trusted in Christ as their Savior.  In January of 2010 the Living Baptist Church in Arroyo Honda, Bani Dominican Republic was inaugurated.

Facing different challenges among the illegal Haitians in the Dominican Republic, Brother Biz was used by God to lead the Haitian people to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, baptize them, guide them through the very difficult process of obtaining legal documents such as birth certificates, passports, and work permits.  Faithfully preaching and teaching God’s Words, the Lord has allowed the Living Baptist Church to see victory and spiritual growth in the lives of the people.

Present needs are:

Support for the training and preparing of preacher boys for the work of the Lord

2 diesel engine buses for outreach and ministry training

Living Baptist Church

St. Marc, Haiti

In August 2004 Missionary Biz Lerisse arrived in St. Marc, Haiti.  Upon his arrival he sought out Bible college graduates from Missionary Genada and Lenny Fentecha (Philippino missionaries reached by Missionary to the Phillippines Rick Martin) and together began soul winning.  Using family’s driveway they began holding three Bible studies weekly; Wednesday nights for adults, Thursday evenings for Teens, and Saturday mornings for children.  With those people who trusted Christ as their Saviour and followed the Lord in believer’s baptism, in January of 2005 the Living  Baptist Church was inaugurated.

15 years later, young men who were reached during those initial Bible Studies are missionaries, pastors, deacons, Sunday school teachers and faithful servants in their local churches.  Pastor Julio Assaingilles is the present pastor of the Living Baptist Church.  Obeying the great commission to win souls, disciple and send out, continuing Christ’s work in Saint Marc, Haiti.

Presently Pastor Assaingilles is in need of personal support for his family so that he can dedicate his full attention to the work of the Lord and the leadership of his family.

The church is in need of:

Two diesel engine buses from ministry outreach

A diesel engine generator