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Encouragement from Erica Lerisse

Be Thankful

March 16, 2024

When we first got to Haiti I realized that I would no longer have the luxury of a washing machine and dryer.  I would have to do it like Ma Ingalls, and was strangely thrilled by the prospect, until I sat down to the task of trying to wash clothes by hand…it seemed the clothes were dirtier and not cleaner.

The first time I went out soul winning on a Saturday and at EVERY SINGLE HOUSE the women AND girls were squatting at giant bowls washing their clothes, thankful that they did not have to choose between washing clothes and eating for the day, and not complaining because they had to wash.

If you have a way to wash clothes, if you have the money to wash clothes, if you have convenience in washing clothes and caring for your family’s clothing needs then give thanks to the Lord.