Preparing 4 His Kingdom


Encouragement from Erica Lerisse


March 16, 2024

How we take for granted the comfort and convenience and privacy of this gift.  How we thoughtlessly grab the tissue without considering the mercies that gifted it to us.  Both are better  than the alternative:  running in an emergency to find “a place, any place”. “Oh no, not here”. “What leaves can I use?”  “Will this one cause a rash?” Or driving on the highway, far from home, but still being able to zip into a gas station and in privacy and with what you need easily accessible to take care of physical needs.  Additionally, having this blessing inside of the house so that in all hours of the night and through all kinds of weather we can still, in comfort, tend to the calls of nature.  

Refocus.  We can CHOOSE to complain and focus on all that is wrong or we can CHOOSE to glorify God as God by giving Him the thanksgiving due HIM.