Preparing 4 His Kingdom


Encouragement from Erica Lerisse

God Protects

March 16, 2024

During our morning exhortation time together, I asked David what he was thankful for.  He was quiet and thoughtful and finally said, “I am very thankful that God protects us at night when we sleep.  He protects us from bad people so they don’t break in at night.”

Made me remember living in Haiti.  When we first moved there I honestly was very scared.  We lived on the main and busiest street.  Sometimes at 2 in the morning I would be awakened by voodoo drums or voodoo processions passing in front of our house.  Very eerie.  At times I would awaken fretful over my baby boy.  While checking on him and praying over him I would look out the front window and see a man staring back at me.

One night the dogs were going crazy and would not stop.  Thieves were on the property to steal our generator that was locked in an outside storage area.

When we moved to Haiti I began to memorize and love the verses in the Bible about how God gives his beloved sleep, He gives us peace to sleep because He is the one watching over us.

Every morning upon opening our eyes after a safe night’s sleep, the very first words from our lips and thought of our hearts should be, “Father, you did it again.  Thank you for watching over us all through the night and giving us safety.  Thank you for giving your beloved sleep.”