Preparing 4 His Kingdom


Encouragement from Erica Lerisse

The Privilege to Cook

March 16, 2024

In 2001 I went to Haiti for the first time on our survey trip.  This trip was not to decide if we would go to Haiti; but rather to count the cost and to prepare.  On that trip we went to my husband’s family’s house, the 75 year old Aunt who raised him from the age of 3.  She had not seen her nephew in over 11 years and upon hearing of our coming she wanted to prepare us a meal.  I was there when she squatted around three rocks.  I saw her reach into the holes of two cinder blocks to pull out her seasonings.  I watched as she gathered sticks and coals to start her fire.  This 75 year old saint was so thankful to be able to honor us with this meal, she was honored to cook it and I was humbled in the eating of it.

When we returned from that survey trip I went through our basement apartment laying hands of gratitude on all the generous gifts of a loving Father:  “Thank you, Father for my table; thank you, Father for my kitchen; thank you, Father for my stove.”

Our people here in the DR send their kids to find dried sticks, or they buy coal for cooking;  food preparation is a major, time intensive happening and not because they are serving a four course meal.

A stove, electric or gas, high end or old as the previous generation, is a gift for which to be thankful.  As we stand at it today to prepare nourishment for those God has entrusted to us, let cooking time becoming thanksgiving time.