Preparing 4 His Kingdom


Encouragement from Erica Lerisse

God Sustains

March 16, 2024

I remember when we lived in Haiti, we seldom had running water in our house, though the installation was there.  We had to use our bucket to draw water from our reservoir.  We seldom had electricity and for over a year we had no power at all ever.  I remember having to learn to bake a cake using coals if I would celebrate Bj’s 4th birthday with a cake.  I remember not being able to use any appliances because of no power.  I remember our cinder block house having so many defects.

One day after being there for two years, I marveled that in all that time I had never experienced homesickness; never had a time for longing to be at my mom’s beautifully comfortable house, there was no homesickness for America (except when I was craving Captain D’s when I was pregnant) and I marveled.  Truly it was the grace of God sustaining me and I realized one thing the Holy Spirit enabled me to do:  I had never, since being in Haiti, looked at our present situation to think of all I was missing by not being in the States; by the Holy Spirit guiding my mind, I always looked at our neighbors, those desperately poor souls (poor on so many unfathomable levels) and realized how wealthy I was; how privileged.

If you have a dwelling place in which to lay your head, a place where you can lock your door at night, a place you can call home, a place to shelter your head when it rains, a place for privacy, a place to go when the heat is unbearable, a place to store your things then you can say, “Thank you most generous Father for a home.”